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Support Groups

Colorectal Cancer Support Groups banner Colorectal Cancer Support Groups banner

Colorectal cancer information and support groups now exist in several communities across Canada to assist patients and their caregivers throughout their cancer journey. Monthly meetings are held where patients, caregivers and their families can share experiences, offer help and provide colorectal cancer information. Support groups will provide a:

  • Presentation of clinical research updates on the most current treatment options: These updates allow patients to make more informed decisions surrounding their treatment plans and provide them the opportunity to have thoughtful dialogues with their treating oncologists.
  • Review of each patient’s case to ensure optimal support: Group members are encouraged to share information about their journey, addressing concerns with respect to treatments or side effects, fears, nutrition, post treatment follow-up care or any other issue they feel worthy for discussion.
Colorectal Cancer survivors and patients in a cancer support group


Across Canada, more than two million people are now involved in information/support groups.

People who have social support are more likely to be healthier than those who do not.

  • Learning more about cancer
  • Learning more about resources for people with cancer
  • Feeling that life is more meaningful
  • Being able to cope with illness and medical procedures
  • Having a better perspective on illness
  • Being more aware of needs
  • Being able to talk about cancer
  • Being able to talk with family and friends about cancer
  • Feeling physically stronger
  • Feeling more empowered or able to make decisions
  • Being less isolated
  • Being more active, socially and physically

There is a growing need to increase the number of Information/Support Groups across Canada. CCC is tasked with the creation and support of new Information/Support Groups. Financial support is highly welcomed to help meet the growing demands in the provision of supportive care and access to vital information for colorectal cancer patients and their families.

Peer support is a supportive relationship between people who have a lived experience in common. It was one that resonated strongly with me and my personal beliefs. ... I felt strongly that my fight with colorectal cancer would be of practical use and I could empower another human being and provide hope with my own insights and lived experience. I thought that support couldn’t get much better than that. ... I have been forever changed by CCC’s help, knowledge and empathy. I plan to continue to embody the key messages of their support program in a variety of ways as I move forward, cancer free. I hope that you too can help CCC support other patients and their families as they are faced with cancer. Together we can make a difference!
Kathy Torunksi's Story

Below is a list of colorectal cancer information/support groups currently operating in Canada. Should you wish to inquire about them or do not see one that operates in your community, do not hesitate to contact us to see if one has just started running in your city or if we can be of service to you through a Cancer Coach.

Together we can make a difference!


  • Ottawa, Ontario (Now virtual)

    The Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation’s MapleSoft GumDocs Centre, 1500 Alta Vista Drive.

    Colorectal cancer patients, survivors and caregivers meet monthly to provide information and share their authentic lived experience. 6:30 to 9:00 p.m. Meetings (on the second Tuesday of every month)
    For more information please contact Kim Anne de Champlain

    skimanne.dechamplain@live.ca 819-208-4736

    or Robert Hamilton

    robert.hamilton3@icloud.com 613-325-2400
  • Montreal, Quebec
    CRC Support Group

    4635 Cote St Catherine West (corner Lavoie street)
    Facilitator: Chana Cohen
    Meets every first Thursday of the month,
    A community-based group for patients, family members and friends who want to learn more about colorectal cancer and share their cancer experiences & information with others in the same situation.
    For more information, call Chana Cohen

    chanac@colorectalcancercanada.com 514-875-7745 ext. 2529
  • Oshawa, Ontario (now virtual)
    CRC Support Group

    Hearth Place Cancer Support Ctr., 86 Colborne St. W., Ottawa, Ontario.
    Facilitator: Ted Trueman.
    Meets every third Monday of the month: 4:30-6:30 p.m. If you plan to attend  Stephanie Hamilton

    stephanie@hearthplace.org 905-579-4833
  • Edmonton, Alberta
    Wellspring Edmonton

    11306 65 Ave NW
, Edmonton, Alberta
, T6H 2Z8
    Contact: Dr. Daniel Schiller