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The first Colorectal Cancer Community Conference was held on May 18th and 19th 2021, bringing together over 300 registrants from across Canada. Patients, survivors, caregivers, patient advocates, and healthcare professionals joined together for the two-half day virtual event to support each other, be educated and become empowered to prevent, treat, and beat colorectal cancer.

All sessions were recorded and will remain available below for your viewing.

Day 1

The Importance of Your Story and Self Advocacy

Session where tools are given to empower you to share your story, recognize your choices and advocate on your behalf.

Speakers: Dominique Côté (CEO COSAWI) and Chana Cohen (Patient Support Specialist CCC and EAO survivor)

Emotional Impact of Colorectal Cancer on Patients - Develop coping skills

Explore the emotional impact of treatment through the eyes of a patient and develop coping mechanisms that will help you preserve your emotional well-being.

Speaker: Dr. Mary Jane Esplen (Full Professor & Vice-Chair, Equity & Mentorship Dept. of Psychiatry, Faculty of Medicine, U of T)

Panel: Samantha Megarry (yoga teacher and theatre artist, Stage 3 colon cancer and Lynch syndrome patient)

Incorporating Integrative Medicine in your Treatment

Develop a deeper understanding of how to incorporate integrative medicine into your treatment plan and how it may positively affect your life.

Speaker: Dr. Rebecca Hauser (Ottawa Integrative Health Centre)

Panel: Melissa Eng (Patient), Paulette Hebert (Relexologist)

Emotional Impact of Colorectal Cancer on the Caregiver + Family - Develop coping skills

Hear about the emotional impact of a cancer diagnosis or recurrence on the caregivers/family members of a patient and develop coping mechanisms that will help you preserve your emotional well-being.

Speaker: Carly Berlin (Wellness Program Manager, Hope & Cope)

Panel: Enza Ricco (President, Fig Interiors, spouse of stage 3 patient), Matthew Ross (husband)

Personalizing your Post-Treatment Care Plan

Discover the emotional impacts of a cancer diagnosis post-treatment, develop tools for transitioning back to daily life and how to increase your empowerment by advocating on your behalf.

Speaker: Dr. Marylise Boutros (Program Director Colorectal Surgery Residency & Head of JGH Colon & Rectal Surgery Research Program)

Panel: Dr. Carmen Loiselle (RN, PhD, FCAHS, FCAN, Professor), Elliot Goldberg, Anna Urbani, Chris Schwartz (Survivors)

Early Age Onset of Colorectal Cancer

Early age onset within Canada is on the rise. Learn the signs and symptoms to look out for, treatment options and coping mechanisms during and post-treatment.

Speaker: Dr. Mary DeVera (Assistant Professor Pharmaceutical Sciences Dept UBC & Canada Research Chair in medication adherence, utilization, and outcomes and EAO survivor)

Panel: Pierre Campeau, Dylan Fournier, Bryna Dilman, Haydn Bechthold (EAO Patients)

Join the Conversation: Building a More Resilient Healthcare System

COVID-19 has disrupted cancer screening across the nation. Join us in creating solutions to improve Canada’s cancer care system with the aim that it will be resilient enough to function without interruption during future crises.

Panel: Ross Wallace (Principal, Santis Health), Dr. Timothy Hanna (Clinician scientist at Div. of Cancer Care & Epidemiology) Dr. Darren Brenner (Molecular cancer epidemiologist, University of Calgary) Barry Stein (President & CEO, CCC))

Day 2

New Advances in Treatments for Colorectal Cancer

Learn about the types of diagnosis and treatment approaches, leading treatments in each type, and considerations for deciding on an approach and/or treatment.

Speakers: Dr. Jonathan Loree (Medical Oncologist at BC Cancer who treats cancers of the gastrointestinal tract, and Assistant professor at UBC) and Dr. Brandon Sheffield (Pathologist at William Osler Health System)/ Surgical Oncologist, Princess Margaret Cancer Center, Toronto and Dr. Sami Chadi (Surgical Oncologist, Princess Margaret Cancer Center, Toronto)

Managing the Side Effects of Colorectal Cancer Treatment

Learn about effective medical and complementary ways to prevent, manage or reduce impact and severity, and cope with treatment side effects. Come away equipped with a list of options and things to consider when choosing what is best for you.

Speakers: Dr. Sharlene Gill (Medical Oncologist specializing in gastrointestinal (GI) malignancies at BC Cancer), Dr. Shilo Lefresne (Radiation Oncologist, BC Cancer)

Panel: Ms. Rebecca Latimer (advanced nurse practitioner, BC Cancer), Aneta Fishman (Stage 3b CRC Survivor)

Nutrition: Prevention and During Treatment

Gain nutritional knowledge and develop a realistic outline of how to implement healthy changes into your daily diet.

Speakers: Judith Blucheau (Nutritionist, specializing in cancer prevention) and Tracey Rapier (Registered Dietitian at the Odette Cancer Centre, Sunnybrook Hospital), Cathy Erickson (Patient)

Understanding Clinical Trials

Learn about Clinical Trials and how trials help patients and advance treatment, how to access trials, and how you can add your voice and experience to ensure patient values are considered throughout all phases of the journey

Speakers: Catherine Vayssier (Project Manager, Clinical Research Awareness, Q- CROC - The Quebec Clinical Research Organization) and Dawn Richards (PhD, Director of Patient and Public Engagement, Clinical Trials Ontario)

Clinical Trials Conference

CT Conf logo

The 4th annual Clinical Trials Conference entitled "Patient Group Pathway Model to Accessing Clinical Trials and Real-World Evidence Methodologies with a special focus on precision medicine" was held on October 21, 2020. It brought together key stakeholders including researchers, clinical trial networks, patients, patient groups, government agencies and industry to reinforce patient and patient group partnerships among those who advocate for cancer clinical trials in Canada. Acknowledging the evolutionary trends in the field of precision medicine, the conference provided insight to the dynamics of patient-centricity and value-based care as adapted to new trial designs.

Session 1: Intro and KEYNOTE International Regulatory Collaboration in the era of Precision Medicine

Speakers: Dr. Steven Lemery (FDA), Melissa Hunt (Health Canada)

Panel:Barry Stein (CCC), Anne Marie Wright (ESI)

Session 3: Frameworks for RWE and Recommendations for Real World Endpoints

Speakers: Dr. Margaret McCusker (Flatiron), Dr. James Creeden (Foundation Medicine)

Panel:Dr. Michael Duong (Roche), Anne Marie Wright (ESI)

Session 4: Digital Health Technology in Modernizing Clinical Trials

Speakers: Dr. Kam Kafi (Imagia AI), Dr. Mackenzie Wildman (Evidation Health), Aaron Leibtag (Pentavere AI)

Panel: Stephen Sundquist (3CTN), Barry Stein (CCC), Anne Marie Wright (ESI)

Session 5: Clinical Trial Considerations and using RWD/RWE to help inform Value Based Agreements

Speakers: Murray Aitken (IQVIA), Dr. Michael Seewald (AstraZeneca), Dr. Christopher McCabe (Institute of Health Economics)

Panel: Leigh Funston (AstraZeneca Canada), Anne Marie Wright (ESI)

Session 6: The CTTI Model – Canadian Cancer Clinical Trials Stakeholder Charter and Meeting Wrap Up

Speakers:Stephen Sundquist (3CTN), Judy Needham (Canadian Cancer Trials Group)

Panel: Vatche Bartekian (Vantage BioTrials), Martine Elias (Myeloma Canada), Dr. Stephanie Michaud (BioCanRx), Anne Marie Wright (ESI)


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