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Support Overview

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Living with cancer or having a loved one be diagnosed with the disease can be overwhelming, discouraging and extremely stressful. At CCC, we understand the importance of the emotional, psychological and financial needs of our patients and their families that come as a direct result of diagnosis.

We encourage patients and families to engage with the various support groups available across Canada and are committed to helping you find the group or community that best suits your needs. These groups are dedicated to creating a caring and supportive environment for anyone that is affected by colorectal cancer and seeking guidance, comfort or information regarding the disease.

As well, CCC provides valuable guidance over the phone, online or in person. We also connect patients, survivors, and caregivers to share their experiences and provide peer support. With so many ways to access cancer care and support, CCC ensures that you are not alone in your journey.

Please contact our offices to request the helpful materials listed below free of charge.


My Colon Cancer Companion Patient Journal was inspired by conversations within the community of colorectal cancer patients, survivors, caregivers and health professionals. These conversations revealed that many patients required additional materials and assistance with non-clinical aspects of their experiences. In a perfect world, every patient would have a nurse navigator who they could access anytime to answer their questions or discuss medical or emotional matters that concern them — but they don’t. My Colon Cancer Companion was created to help fill this gap.

Designed specifically with patients and their caregivers in mind, this informative resource has helped to:

  • Increase understanding of the disease, treatment options and its potential impact both during and after treatment
  • Prepare and equip patients to become better advocates for their care
  • Provide space to store medical records, capture personal reflections and questions that arise during the journey as well as provide much-needed support along the way


Colorectal Cancer & You is a 65-page guidebook which contains clear, basic information on colorectal cancer, its diagnosis and treatment. It allows patients and their caregivers to make better and more informed decisions about the management of their disease and includes sections on colorectal cancer basics, living with cancer, treatment types, life after treatment, palliative care and more.

Doctor supporting male Cancer patient Doctor supporting male Cancer patient