COVID-19 and Colorectal Cancer Get The Facts

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Remember to craft your personal story by writing it down.Capturing all your thoughts and feelings is fundamental to your advocacy activities as this will be what connects you to the listener and humanizes the issues you bring forward. To learn more about how to develop your personal story, please review Telling Your Personal Story: A How-To Guide.

My Cancer Story: Annette Reilly

My story begins when I was 30 years old. I had started directing theatre a couple of years prior, I was producing and directing my first film, and I was starting a family. Basically, my life was “on track” and a brand-new career path was revealed which I was excited to pursue. Everything changed in January of 2011. ...


A PASSION FOR CARE – by Robert Hamilton

The colonoscopy room seemed small when filled with bizarre equipment. My gastroenterologist was cheerful, and his assisting nurse knew exactly what she was doing. In short order, I was lying on the table while looking at a computer screen along with my doctor. I had scheduled a simple sigmoidoscopy, avoiding the full colonoscopy preparations that I felt w...


Gemma’s Story

My name is Gemma (Filipino-Canadian). I have colorectal cancer, stage 3B with no symptoms before I got diagnosed. I am a 55-year-old single mom with three sons and one grandson, and I am the first cancer patient in my family. Every cancer patient differs in terms of struggles because each of us has a different system where our body responds differently to...


Kathy Torunski’s Story

I recently had the distinct pleasure of attending the Brice Tiamuh Blue Ribbon Gala in Ottawa at which time I was given the opportunity to share my involvement with Colorectal Cancer Canada. Although I could regale you with the details of this wonderful evening, I want to share with you how CCC has impacted my life. My story is one of awareness, support, ...



It was the summer of 2009 and I was only 21 years old...My mother, who was in her 50’s at the time, went to see her doctor for a routine colonoscopy. As my mother and I are extremely close, I decided to come to the appointment with her for moral support. Soon after, the doctor asked us to come in for the results.Sitting in the doctor’s ...