COVID-19 and Colorectal Cancer Get The Facts

Mary Devera

I was diagnosed with colorectal cancer at a young age – 36 years old and 8 months postpartum – and this disease has impacted so many aspects of my life. Physically, I went through grueling treatment including 5 weeks of radiation, 2 surgeries, an ileostomy, and 4 months of chemotherapy. These treatments were hard on the cancer (and I wanted them to be) but they were also hard on my body and today, I live with the long-term effects of these, including early menopause from the radiation. The emotional impacts of colorectal cancer did not just hit me, they also hit my loved ones. I will never forget being hunched over the toilet, so sick after my first chemotherapy infusion, with my little girl watching. She was scared but she didn’t want to leave me and instead, kept handing me towels, water…whatever could help. There is more to share about my experiences but what’s more important is to share the importance of knowing one’s body and taking action when things don’t look “okay” down there.


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