Looking for virtual activities and events to participate?

Carole Brohman, our Executive Director, is sharing this letter to invite everyone to join our first "Push For Your Tush Virtual Walk/Run".

Please share this message with your family, friends, and colleagues – we genuinely believe this new virtual event will be fun for so many and help advance our worthy cause.

Check out our Push For Your Tush video


I hope you are all staying healthy during these extraordinary times. As you know, I recently joined Colorectal Cancer Canada; during my short tenure, the world has been turned upside down by COVID—I’m sure you’re experiencing this for yourself, and for charitable organizations like ours, it’s an especially dire time.

At CCC, we work to increase awareness of and educate Canadians about colorectal cancer, and to support patients and their families while advocating on their behalf to government and industry. I’m not sure if you know the statistics around colorectal cancer: 26,900 people in Canada in 2020 will be diagnosed with the disease and it is the third most common kind of cancer in the country. Despite these staggering statistics, colorectal cancers are preventable in most cases and, when caught early, are highly treatable and curable.

Traditionally, one of our most important fundraisers is Push For Your Tush. It’s a 5km and 10km walk or run held in 12 cities across Canada in May and June. This year, for the safety of everyone involved, we decided to cancel these live events. It’s a great event, though, so we thought of a way we can continue to raise funds and keep our community thriving by introducing a virtual event for the first time.

By supporting us, not only are you joining the fight against cancer, but you are also helping CCC support patients across the country who struggle to meet the many challenges of this disease. You’re saving lives, so get behind their behind!

I’ve added a link to our new Push For Your Tush website. Please consider joining our event or donating to CCC so that we can continue to support our many programs. Your generosity and support to our cause is greatly appreciated.