COVID-19 and Colorectal Cancer Get The Facts



Each year across Canada, hundreds of people gather in their cities to push their tushes together in the fight against colorectal cancer. Push is a fun, family-friendly atmosphere where survivors are celebrated, the lost are honoured and supportive communities grow, all while raising necessary funds and awareness to save lives!

Push For Your Tush was started in 1996 in Toronto as a small family run by Colorectal Cancer Canada Co-Founder Bunnie Schwartz to support her husband and sister who were diagnosed with colorectal cancer. What began as a passion-project, made possible by the sweat and tears of family and friends, has become a national event still rooted in Canadian values of community and care for each other.

Passionate volunteers continue to lead the charge at the grassroots level, helping to organize in their cities to grow the event. With pride, Push now includes over 2,000 participants in 10 cities across Canada to generate funds, awareness and community support for Colorectal Cancer Canada and local cancer care efforts.