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Patient Group Pathway Model to Accessing Cancer Clinical Trials and RWE Conference

Patient Group Pathway Model to Accessing Cancer Clinical Trials and RWE Conference

October 21, 2020

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On behalf of Colorectal Cancer Canada (CCC), you are cordially invited to attend the Patient Group Pathway Model to Accessing Cancer Clinical Trials and Real World Evidence Methodologies Conference with a special focus on precision medicine.

Conference: October 21, 2020 (9:00 am – 4:00 pm)

This event will reinforce patient and patient group partnerships among those who advocate for cancer clinical trials in Canada. Acknowledging the evolutionary trends in the field of precision medicine, it will provide an insight to the dynamics of patient-centricity and value-based care as adapted to new trial designs.

Cancer clinical trials are pivotal to the process of developing precision medicines that are increasingly becoming the mainstay of cancer treatment. Existing clinical trial models conducted at limited locations are unable to support the quest for the “needle in the haystack” where only a small portion of the population is eligible to join a study based on their molecular profile. Consequently, new trial designs are evolving, and our health technology assessment bodies must be ready to adapt to these new realities.

Approval and reimbursement of these precision medications may be conditional on the gathering of data to support their efficacy and new methodologies are evolving where patients and patient groups can play an important role in the gathering of real world data.

At this conference we will present the finalized version of the Canadian Cancer Clinical Trials Stakeholders Charter, update on initiatives to include patient input in clinical trials and discuss new avenues for the inclusion of real world evidence. Central to the discussion will be the evolution of clinical trials in the era of precision medicine in the Canadian context and the development of new and novel initiatives to overcome these barriers.

This conference will be of interest to all stakeholders engaged in cancer clinical trials including but not limited to Researchers and Clinical Trial Networks, Patients and Patient Groups, Government Agencies and Industry.

For additional information regarding the conference please contact:
Sarita Benchimol saritab@colorectalcancercanada.com 1 (514) 913 5183