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Overview: 4th Annual Patient Group Pathway Model to Accessing Cancer Clinical Trials & RWE Methodologies Conference

Our 4th Annual Patient Group Pathway Model to Accessing Cancer Clinical Trials and RWE Methodologies Conference, with a special focus this year on precision medicine, took place on October 21. We were privileged to welcome a renowned roster of international presenters representing diverse stakeholders in the cancer clinical trial continuum. 

Presenters offered expert insights on international collaboration on regulatory approval of new oncology drugs, envisioned the future of cancer clinical trials in the challenging era of precision medicines, and shared how artificial intelligence combined with clinic-genomics can help us better understand the patient journey by linking real world outcomes with genomic and other data. They also shared new opportunities to value innovative precision medicines, and methods to encourage earlier access for patients by employing creative value frameworks. 

Patient and patient group participation in clinical trials is central to the development of these new innovations. The Canadian Cancer Clinical Trials Transformation Initiative Model and accompanying Canadian Cancer Clinical Trials Stakeholders’ Charter presentations provided an avenue to help advance the opportunity for patients to benefit from new precision medicines using RWE, Research Oriented Market Access and Value Based Agreements. 

We are happy to share individual videos for five of our six sessions:


Session 1: Keynote International Regulatory Collaboration in the era of Precision Medicine

Presenters: Dr. Steven Lemery (FDA) and Melissa Hunt (Health Canada), followed by panel discussion with Barry Stein (CCC) as discussant

Session 2: Envisioning the Future of Cancer Clinical Trials. Rethinking Clinical Trials for the Next generation of Cancer Drugs – the World of Precision Medicine (not available online)

Presenters: Dr. Lillian Siu (UHN), followed by panel discussion with Dr. Winson Cheung (U of Calgary) as discussant


Session 3: Frameworks for RWE and Recommendations for Real World Endpoints

Presenters: Dr. Margaret McCusker (Flatiron), Dr. James Creeden (Foundation Medicine), followed by panel discussion with Dr. Michael Duong (Roche) as discussant


Session 4: Digital Health Technology in Modernizing Clinical Trials

Presenters: Dr. Kam Kafi (Imagia), Dr. Mackenzie Wildman (Evidation Health), Aaron Leibtag (Pentavere), followed by panel discussion with Barry Stein (CCC) and Stephen Sundquist (3CTN)


Session 5: Clinical Trial Considerations and using RWD/RWE to help inform Value-Based Agreements

Presenters: Murray Aitken (IQVIA), Dr. Michael Seewald (AstraZeneca), Dr. Christopher McCabe (Institute of Health Economics), followed by

panel discussion with Leigh Funston (AstraZeneca) as discussant


Session 6: The CTTI Model – Canadian Cancer Clinical Trials Stakeholder Charter

Presenters: Stephen Sundquist (3CTN), Judy Needham (CCTG), followed by panel discussion with Dr. Stephanie Michaud (BioCanRx) and Barry Stein (CCC) as discussant