COVID-19 and Colorectal Cancer Get The Facts

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Remembering the “Father of Heredity Cancer” Dr. Henry Lynch

Today we remember Dr. Henry Lynch, esteemed researcher and father of hereditary cancers, who passed away yesterday. In 1984, the term “Lynch Syndrome” was coined to recognize his contributions in identifying a strain of hereditary non-polyposis colon cancer. His identification of Lynch Syndrome provided a more accurate identific...


Kicking cancer’s ass on the golf course

On Tuesday, July 16, Colorectal Cancer Canada (CCC) held our third annual Kick Ass Golf Tournament at the Lebovic Golf Club in Aurora, ON. This event was a tremendous success, raising over $100, 000 in support of CCC’s programs, services, and advocacy work which helps us to demonstrate that colorectal cancer (CRC) is preventable...


Increasing rates of colon & rectal cancers in young people

Researchers with the World Health Organization confirm increased rates of colon and rectal cancers in individuals under 50. Doctors say that maintaining vigilance at all ages is key, as well as checking for changes in bowel movements, signs of rectal bleeding, and lesions in the abdomen or rectum. ...


CCC attends Early Age Onset Colorectal Cancer Summit in New York City

Last Thursday and Friday, Morgan Kennedy, CCC’s Never Too Young Program Manager, attended the Fifth Annual Early Age Onset Colorectal Cancer (EAO CRC) Summit. The conference covered many topics including how to prevent CRC, how to care for younger patients, and how to understand the increasing rates of EAO CRC. Morgan also had t...


Publication: Clinically meaningful survival benefit in refractory mCRC

Colorectal Cancer Canada (CCC) is proud to announce the publication of the paper entitled “What is clinically meaningful survival benefit in refractory metastatic colorectal cancer?” which was the result of a consensus meeting hosted by CCC. We are very thankful for the time and effort that went into producing the article, and h...