COVID-19 and Colorectal Cancer Get The Facts

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OPTIMISTICC Research Program sheds light on importance of gut microbiome in colorectal cancer development and treatment

Opportunity to Investigate the Microbiome’s Impact on Science and Treatment in Colorectal Cancer (OPTIMISTICC) Research Program sheds light on the importance of the gut microbiome in colorectal cancer development and treatment. This research program is an international collaboration that spans 5 countries and is working toget...


Cancer Survivors Urgently Need Better Nutritional Support

New findings from a study conducted at the University of Sheffield in the United Kingdom underline the importance of improving nutritional support for patients with colorectal cancer (CRC) throughout the diagnosis, treatment and post-treatment phases of their cancer journey. In the study, a national survey was created to ass...


Intimacy and Colorectal Cancer

Sexuality and relationships during and after cancer is extremely important to patients (especially early-age onset patients!), however this remains one of the least talked about concerns. We would like to change that! If you want to learn more about common side-effects of cancer and treatment, and how to discuss these with y...


Understanding early-onset colorectal cancer: why are cases on the rise?

Chadwick Boseman’s death from colorectal cancer (CRC) at age 43 was a shock to many, but it has helped to bring the difficult issue of early-onset CRC to the forefront of public attention. According to the most recent CRC statistics, the incidence of new CRC cases among adults below the age of 50 continues to increase by about 2...


World Metastatic Colorectal Cancer Day

Today, Wednesday September 30th, is World Metastatic Colorectal Cancer Day – a day dedicated to raising awareness of the most advanced form of colorectal cancer, known as metastatic colorectal cancer (mCRC); this is when the cancer has spread to other parts of the body, such as the liver or lungs. #BowelCancerAustralia, #Colo...